Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bases

Leggett and Platt adjustable bases have a 25 year warranty. They have also proven themselves to be some of the finest adjustable power bases in the world.

Adjustable bases allow your mattress to adjust at the head & feet which aids you in breathing at night, reduces snoring, aids your body with blood circulation, eliminates "tossing & turning" and so much more.. Some positions include Zero Gravity, Lounge, or T.V. Zero Gravity allows for the sleeper to experience a perfect nights sleep with no pressure throughout their joints & body. That position is very helpful for sleepers because it increases circulation, reduces snoring, reduces acid reflux, and reduces back soreness. Lounge position is helpful for working in bed or reading. Another position very useful is the TV position. That position allows sleepers to watch TV in a comfortable position to help with relieving pressure points while watching television. 

Some of the adjustable bases come with massage as well. The massage benefits the sleeper by increases circulation as well as a relaxing method to relieve tension in your body as you are sleeping or just relaxing in bed. The feature is nice & quiet allowing you to watch television or doze off undisturbed by unwanted noise frequencies or aches & pains.

Some adjustable bases that have this feature are the Prodigy 2.0 model, Premier P-132, Simplicity, S-Cape +, or the S-Cape. They also come with programmable positions which each sleeper can program themselves. Some models even have floor lightning and alarm clock features.

The models that do not have the  massage feature are the Promotion base which is wired and attached to the base with a sleek remote. Also, a model without massage is the Signature adjustable bases. This base has higher weight capacity as well as an extra position for sleeper's convenience. 


Somnis Sleep Systems offer several variations of Leggett and Platt adjustable bases, bed room suits, & comfort sets but we have access to more so if you have questions about a certain model give us a call or email and we can answer any question for you. Also you can check with Leggett and Platt's website www.lpadjustablebeds.com