Comfortaire Products

We are the exclusive retailer in the Tampa area because of our standards as a company and our reputation. Comfortaire focuses on quality versus quantity so their main focus is on customer service and the products they sell. The products they sell have the highest quality materials in the bed which makes them very durable and more comfortable for each sleeper. Comfortaire has a dual adjustability capability which means the sleeper has the ability to change the firmness of the mattress on both sides. There are 100 different settings when selecting the correct comfort for each person on the bed. They also have a unique feature which is the split head technology so each person can control an adjustable base but still stay in 1 mattress. Almost all split mattresses sets are two separate mattresses but not with these mattresses. This technology applies to those sleeper's who wish to have an adjustable bases under mattress. 

*for more information on adjustable bases check out our blog section under Leggett and Platt.

If you have any questions or want to do research for yourself check out their website