Adjustable Bases

 We offer a range of adjustable power bases with different functionalities to meet most needs. Since everyone’s idea of optimal comfort is a little different, flat definitely doesn’t cut it for everything. So why settle? Float off to sleep in Zero Gravity, which takes pressure off the lumbar region. Help silence that locomotive to you with AntiSnore position. Support your back and knees to read comfortably or watch TV. If your feet are sore, raise them to alleviate swelling. 

value base.jpg


A full range of motion and an easy-to-use wireless remote allow customers to personalize their position for more restful sleep. These adjustable bases are designed to fit inside most existing bedroom furniture. 

mantua controller.jpg

Wireless controller


Relax, adjust and relax even more. These power bases have a wireless backlit remotes with pre-set comfort positions: TV, Flat and Zero Gravity. Set your variable message for the ultimate relaxation. 



These power bases utilize advanced technology and thoughtful innovations, seamlessly integrated for more control convenience and comfort for the most discerning customer.